Alemite Greaseomatic

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Alemite Greaseomatic
Single point auto greaser
Gas-Charged operation
Dispenses 120 ml in 1-12 months


Alemite Greaseomatic Autogreaser

Alemite’s Single-Point automatic greasers are ideal for equipment requiring continuous lubrication. These self-contained units dispense oil or grease and provide worry-free operation.

• Completely self-contained single-point lubricator
• Pressure-relief valve on unit will open and release lubricant if line or bearing is blocked, preventing over-pressurization and indicating the point is not receiving lubrication
• Easy-to-view flow monitoring windows on three sides of unit
• Constructed of corrosion-proof plastic for even the harshest environments
• Unit can be installed at any position using a non-return check valve at the bearing to prevent oil leaks
• The slightly acidic chemical materials creating the gas charge are non-hazardous

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