GR05 Alemite 596 Grease Gun (20 Volt)

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Battery Powered Grease Gun (20-Volt)
Multi-Function LCD Display
Alemite Rechargable grease gun with 1 battery
(2 battery option available)
15 Grease tubes per battery charge
High Flow Rate: 6.0 oz (170g)/min.
Low Flow Rate: 4.0 oz (113g)/min
10,000 psi (690 bar) grease pressure

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Alemite 596 Grease Gun

The new Alemite 20-Volt, Lithium-Ion Grease Gun is for maintenance professionals. Featuring built-in intelligence, the innovative Model 596 has a multi-function, liquid crystal display (LCD) that indicates cartridge level, battery charge level and grease dispensed, as well as alerting the operator of a stall condition or loss of prime. With maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, the two-speed grease gun delivers up to 15 grease cartridges per battery charge.


  • Multifunctional LCD with real time information
  • Grease meter, grease level gauge and battery capacity gauge
  • Two speeds: 6 oz/min or 4 oz/min
  • 10,000 psi (690 bar) pressure
  • Ergonomic shape-weight and balance designed for less physical strain

Alemite 20V Greasegun Brochure:

GF Plant Spares-Alemite-20V-Grease-Gun

Alemite 20 Volt Grease Gun

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